Just A Minute – Does Sue Perkins bore the pants off the audience?

If Sue Perkins is going to hog the game, then it really behooves her to be funny!

Kenneth Williams springs to mind as somebody who tried in the past to hog the show. But he could talk endlessly without being boring. Not only was he always funny, but also he never simply trotted out drivel, in the way that Wendy Richard, for instance, did.

Williams always addressed the subject, rather than simply spouting bland and inane rubbish on the pretext of talking about the subject.

In my opinion, a sexy girl like Sue Perkins (humorously known as “Sue Perky”!) is completely wasted on a radio show. Everything from her cute smile to her cute figure benefits from being in vision, on some tv show such as ‘Mock the Week’.

But I don’t think she’s funny enough to be a disembodied talking voice on a radio show.

There’s a real problem when a panellist is too clever by half, i.e. too clever to commit any of the offences of repetition, deviation or hesitation (the cardinal sins within the rules of ‘Just A Minute’), but doesn’t know how to be funny with it.

Sue is in danger of boring the pants off the audience, because it isn’t actually a panel game; it’s really an improvisational comedy. She doesn’t seem to have realised, yet, that being entertaining is more important than winning.


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